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Startup Accelerator

Scope of project

  • Brand Identity
  • Development
  • UI/UX Architecture
Software developed by our partner, Interact Software.

Techmall is a leading startup accelerator in brazil, founded in 2013, leveraging dozens of startups every year.

About project Logo Process Sample

Challenge #1

They called us to re-design their brand experience, from their identity to their website, to convey their culture and purpose to their community in an effective way and that was our first project as an Agency!

Solution #1

It was a great challenge and we've managed to create an attractive and engaging brand, expressing the youthfulness, creativity and professionalism of a startup accelerator, along with a simple and functional website.

Techmall Logo
Developing project
Developing project
Developing project

Challenge #2

A year later they contacted us again to help them build a powerful tool to increase their performance and get better results.

Techmall screens mobile
Techmall screens mobile
Tehcmall screens mobile
Tehcmall screens mobile

Solution #2

Together we’ve designed a Mentorship Management Platform. Connecting startup members to mentors and data reports, they were able to manage and keep track of the performance of each project and also identify and solve problems effectively.

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