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Association for Machine Translation in the Americas

Scope of project

  • Branding
  • UI/UX Architecture
  • Development

The Association for Machine Translation in the Americas is an association of researchers, developers and users of machine translation technologies. They organize conferences every year to create a forum where people can exchange experiences and ideas to improve these technologies and use them more effectively.

About project


They contacted us to design their brand experience, from identity to website, to convey a contemporary and effective approach to increase their community awareness and engagement.

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Together we’ve designed a new brand that expresses in a clear way the relationship between computer science and linguistics to the Machine Translation community.

With the new brand positioning we’ve developed a website that allowed them to upload content by themselves easily, creating a sustainable workflow to share and discuss their knowledge with the community.

Amta screens

We've also developed their conference landing page, to organize and display, in an effective way, all the information they needed to increase signups and tickets sales.

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Amta user screen